BinturongAbout The Binturong, The Binturong is an carnivorous animal. It's also referred to as bearcat. This animal usually life in South and Southeast Asia. This animal is reducing in amount and is over the verge of extinction. This is certainly an omnivorous mammal. The Biturong could possibly be referred to as a bearcat but it does not appear to be a bear or possibly a cat.
The human body of the mammal is extremely extensive and significant. It legs are incredibly short and stout. The fur of the animal is quite thick and black in colour. The tail has thick fur from the root but little by little the fur diminishes as well as the tail curls inwards. It has substantial and well known black coloured eyes as well as ears are quite little and rounded. The enamel are incredibly sharp. This animal has 5 toed ft and claws which are substantial and strong.
Throughout the day and night time this animal is quite Lively.
Diet regime
This animal eats small mammals, birds, fish, earthworms, insects and likewise fruits. This animals also likes to eat plantains. In addition they feed on fowls’ heads and eggs. Rodents may also be their food items. They also love to consume figs. This animal eats figs which is liable for seed dispersal.

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