Dodo Birds

About The Dodo Bird, Dodo bird is really a flightless bird. This fowl has now become extinct. It lived from the islands of Mauritius, Madagascar and also the Indian Ocean. Persons now only study and find out pictures on the bird.


This bird is Excess fat and stout. This aspect was really essential for them to survive while in the ecosystem. The colour of this fowl is white or minimal greyish. The colour of their ft was yellow and the tail was stuffed with feathers. The beak experienced three colors – black, green and yellow. The dimensions of the Dodo bird is bigger than a turkey. The burden from the hen is about 23 kg.

The individuals hunt these birds and they've now fully turn out to be extinct. Other than individuals there were no predators for these birds.

This fowl laid a person egg at a time. This is certainly why they could not Reside until now. If the birds laid a lot more eggs then additional chicks could come out and there will be fewer chance of every one of the eggs remaining destroyed.

Diet regime
This chook fed on fruits, nuts and roots of little vegetation. Lots of people had tasted the meat of this hen but didn't just like the style of it.

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