The Ankylosaurus

Ankylosaurus can be a variety of dinosaur and this means ‘fused lizard’. This title was presented due to the fact all areas of your body of this animal is fused together. This species was the final non-avian dinosaurs.



The most important animal of this species was identified to become very significant and was involving six-8 metres long. In addition they weigh from four-8 tonnes. This animal had a wide and hardy human body. The top was broad but the cranium was lower and flat and for this reason they were not clever since the brain couldn't increase effectively. There were two horns from The pinnacle. They'd nostrils on both sides rather than acquiring within the front. This animal commonly moved slowly and gradually but occasionally In addition it hurried.

Diet plan

The Ankylosaurus were being herbivorous. They typically ate fibrous and woody plants. Additionally they ate leaves of many crops and fruits also. They also ate ferns and shrubs.


This animal had 4 limbs and utilized the entire limbs for their motion. The back again limbs were a bit lengthier when compared to the forelimbs.


Fossil finds
The stays of the animal was identified from its fossils.

This animal species was identified on this planet around eighty three.5 million yrs ago.

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